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John D. Ewing, CEO
President of Bridgeway
Financial Corporation

Brian Davis, BA
Certified IRA Services

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Hear from attorneys, accountants, financial consultants and asset protection experts on these exciting calls. Learn why Nevada is the only place to incorporate, why corporations, LLCs, Trusts, LLLPs are essential for asset protection and a whole lot more...

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Read what our clients say...

You did a great call......thanks for addressing the issue.  The blogger could make one scared alright but we are totally confident and very proud to be involved with Bridgeway!

Thank you so much.

S. & C. McFarland

"John... what a fabulous 40 minute talk [conference call]. I never heard it and it makes sense even more up until the day of reckoning. Hope you are resting and get back just in time for the RV."

D. Toth, Farmington Hills MI
Dokido, Inc.

"Judith, just a quick note to comment on your leading the [conference] call tonight, June 17th [2014]. You did a fantastic job! Bravo! Please pass on my thanks also to Norm and Joe. Norm is a "treasure house" of knowledge as is Joe with his invaluable advise. It is a blessing to be a client of Bridgeway under John's positive, colorful leadership. I am thankful for all of Bridgeway's talented staff, but I'd like to emphasize that you "stand out" as a special asset to the firm. From my heart."

M. Anderson, Houston TX
MJG Group, Inc.

"Hi John, enjoyed the [conference] call Monday. I think the red and green arrow project is wonderful!”

J. Shores, Arlington TX

"Thanks John... I will forward to the others in the breakfast group tomorrow. These are the answers we were looking for. Enjoyed the [conference] call tonight!”

D. Toth, Farmington Hills MI
Dokido, Inc.

"John, you were absolutely at your brilliant best tonight [on conference call]... outstanding! I have received three emails and three phone calls tonight through and all of them are wanting to talk to ME... thanks John!

Thanks once again. We should get you on TV and Radio to a big audience!"

T. McEvilly, Seattle WA
Oakleaf Consulting, Inc.

"I'm new to this and so excited to get educated!"

C. Bea, Bartlesville OK
3E Corp

"John, I have had a ball listening to the weekly calls. Thanks for being there for all of us."

B. Roberts, Grand View TX
Whitestone Components

"Love your weekly calls... very informative!"

R. LeBoutillier, Mount Vernon MO
Blue Iris Harvest Corporation

"I recently became a client of Bridgeway and a student. I listened to my first Bridgeway conference call tonight... it was very dynamic as I expected. Nothing short of just pure brilliance, with cutting edge research, current economic trending and what appears in my view a very sound projection of the current state of the world financial landscape - most noticeably our home land... great job."

H. Jacas, Wellington FL
GWS Enterprises, LLC

"I've been on every Bridgeway call since being invited in the fourth quarter 2010, and they are awesome! I look forward to learning what I need to know to grow, maintain and protect the kind of wealth most people dream of and then privately provide for those who are in need. Therefore, I am very interested in hearing more details on the nominee privacy services and all other asset protection options. I have been studying the website and material in the client back office often. We'll take it step by step.

I have the appointment forms needed for a consultation with Mr. Joe Craft and will set that up as I prepare for filing taxes for the business and my personal taxes as well.

Again thank you and let's build this big and do grand things together."

M. Montrose, Charlotte NC
Mullerian Capital Corporation

"I have been listening to the Tuesday night conference calls for the past several months, and I feel that tonight's call was the best of the best. John was very energized and had me excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for me working in conjunction with Bridgeway's various affiliations, both in-house and otherwise. I feel that tonight's explanation of offshore corporations really made a very complicated issue, very understandable.

I look forward to the future with a much brighter outlook.

Thank you Mr. Ewing."

S. Heller, West Palm Beach FL
Loxahatchee Group Corporation

"John... Great [conference] call on Tuesday. You were at the top of your game! Your spirit was alive... I enjoyed being on the call and also hearing from Norm. Also, thanks for that note the other day about sending me that CD. It is a complement to my Financial Fortress binder sitting in front of me right now at Panera Bread!"

D. Toth, Farmington Hills MI
Dokido, Inc.

"I have been listening to the Bridgeway conference calls each Tuesday and I find these calls very informative and helpful. We are happy with the Bridgeway services of setting up the Nevada Corporation and business accounts. I find the people I dealt with at Bridgeway very courteous, prompt and helpful."

H. Chin, Chilliwack, BC Canada
Western PC Central Corp.

"Mega dittos, mega kudos, to whomever else who has given comments about your [conference] calls. They have been absolutely fantastic! One word, WOW!"

W. Maletski, Royal Oak MI
Presott Marketing, Inc.

"I just want to say, thank you for the education that you have been giving us all. You are like better than any professors that I have had in college finance courses. I am learning here. I am taking copious notes every week on the [conference] calls. The job you do is absolutely incredible. I want to thank you. Well again, thank you. It's a heck of an education that you give us all. I'm just so happy to be a part of this."

Richard, Southern California
Bridgeway Conference Call

"Hi John. Tonight's [conference] call was awesome!"

"Thank you John!"

D. Andras
Bridgeway Conference Call

"I'm on your [conference] call just about every evening, of every week and you do such an awesome job. Thanks for the information, its priceless and it's going to help us save a lot, as we move forward with our investments, thank you so much."

Marcia, Florida
Bridgeway Conference Call

"I do thank you for your answers and I do thank you for your time and for your conference calls. They're marvelous, I hop onto as many as I can."

Cathy, Michigan
Bridgeway Conference Call

"Awesome call tonight! Just the information, explanation and the picture that I needed. I cannot wait for the call tomorrow night too! We love Bridgeway and appreciate all that you do for us! Thank you so very much for emailing back all of the answers to my questions! You are awesome! See you on the call tomorrow!"

R. LeBoutillier, Mount Vernon MO
Blue Iris Harvest Corporation

"Another fabulous [conference] call again! Great subject and great information about the Trusts tonight."

J.D. Dunn, Fallon NV
We Care 4U, Inc.

"Mr. Ewing... Luanne and I have enjoyed listening to you [conference] calls. I learn something every time, even though we may not always be able to catch them in their entirety. Luanne thinks you have such a refreshing and humorous way of looking at things! She has laughingly told me more than once.. that she gets a large charge out of you and that she loves your interesting stories! I am envious of the great gifts God has given you, beginning with your quick, retentive mental abilities."


My feeling is that your call of last Tuesday was a huge hit with your audience. It validated your exceptionalism as a CEO, reinforcing our feelings that not only
do you have superb knowledge of your area of business but that you truly wish to benefit your people to the maximum. I not only was on that live call but I have
listened to the replay once. I know I will be replaying it several more times.

A. Hall, Bedford TX
Regal View Corporation

"Love your weekly [conference] calls... very informative!"

R. LeBoutillier, Mount Vernon MO
Blue Iris Harvest Corporation

"I enjoyed John on the call last night. I told my brother that I am sure glad that I am a Bridgeway client based on what John said about the bank and cashing out scenario's after RV. Unbelievable. I also am looking forward to meeting you in Vegas after RV. I was in Vegas 3 weeks ago on vacation and enjoyed it."

D. Toth, Farmington Hills MI
Dokido, Inc.

"Both conference calls were great tonight. Just wanted to let you know that I just received my approval and now have access to my back office. I didn't think it would happen so fast. Thank you! I'll be on tonight’s [conference] call also. Take care and thank you again."

Richard (YBB)
Bridgeway Conference Call

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