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offshore banking strategies


Americans are living longer than ever before. With this longer life expectancy comes longer retirement. In fact, the National Commission on Retirement forecasts that by 2040 the average retirement will last 17.4 years, a full three years longer than today. In addition, if inflation continues as it has historically (2-3% annually), we can be assured of decreased purchasing power in the future. Combine these factors with the inabilities of Social Security and we have an atmosphere detrimental to retirement investing, capable of eroding the buying power of your retirement savings plan.

The richest American families have long combined three secret money making concepts to create their wealth -- Compounding Interest, Tax Deferral and investment in Real Estate among other savvy products. These secrets, when used with Charitable Trusts, Family Foundations and Private Banking Concepts have been the cornerstone for preserving the wealth of these family dynasties.


Working with special assets can enable a knowledgeable investor to profit from their better understanding of the investment and its potential. Why pay someone else to manage your retirement when you are capable of acquiring substantial retirement savings by investing in what you know and understand?


Courts have ruled time and again that people can plan their affairs so as to pay the minimum amount of tax possible and the taxpayer may use any legal means to do so. Americans ventured into the world of offshore a bit late in the game, nearly forty years after the rest of the world had capitalized on the financial advantages of moving assets offshore. The fact is that it is still both legal and quite simple for U.S. citizens to shelter their wealth offshore and to accumulate tax-deferred profits.

Our accounting firm can handle your complete tax filing requirements and we will file the appropriate IRS forms with the Internal Revenue Service to make sure that you have reported all of your income abroad as is required of every U.S. citizen and U.S. corporate taxpayer.

The best way to protect your assets is not to own any...only if you own an asset is it vulnerable to attack.


Bridgeway's specialized expertise and exclusive connections can now provide you with the same access to the world of the elite "Accredited Investor". When you utilize a International Business Company (IBC) you can create your own "Investment Bank" where you, not someone else, has full decision and control. You can use this Investment Bank concept just like Wall Street professionals, and join with others to pool your investments.


The “Investment Bank” concept consists of attracting individuals with investment savings, offering them attractive rates of returns, and utilizing these funds to increase your output and profitability. Lending institutions, insurance companies, and venture capitalists have been using similar concepts for years. By using self-directed IRAs, 401Ks, SEPs, ROTHs, you can utilize this concept to increase profits and outpace inflation and the competition. Simply move funds from your existing IRAs to a self-directed IRA, set up the LLC and then move funds into the Investment Bank.

For asset protection and tax reduction, you can use a Nevada Limited Liability Company (LLC) as the "Investment Bank" manager. Your Nevada LLC acts as “professional funds manager” for your "Investment Bank". Your Nevada LLC may earn 10% to 20% in Manager fees as the manager of the Nevis Offshore LLC. Additionally, you can participate in further profits by also being an investor.

You'll guarantee your complete financial privacy by using your Nevis Offshore LLC and Nevada LLC to protect yourself from lawyers and lawsuits. By doing so, you'll insulate your wealth from liability, confiscation and seizure.


Independent-minded investors have been able to achieve substantial returns for years. From lease options to tax liens, knowledgeable investors holding special assets have flourished while the mainstream has had neither the vision nor the knowledge to participate.

A carefully designed corporate strategy allows you to legally reduce your tax burden while also avoiding legal and taxation problems. Because a corporation has a life of its own, it allows you to care for your loved ones free from probate court and its associated legal and tax costs and problems.

Simply put . . . you keep more of what you earn!


Working with special assets can enable a knowledgeable investor to profit from their better understanding of the investment and its potential.


Combining your investment strategies with the use of an IRA and Nevis Limited Liability Company (LLC) can be an incredible investment pairing. Through the utilization of the IRA’s tax-deferred qualities, investment earnings are able to grow at a much faster rate than earnings created without this tax-deferred status.

When you combine the magic of compound interest with tax free investments, you can powerfully accelerate the rapid growth of money
by investing with pre-tax dollars, instead of using after tax dollars.


Financial StrategyThe world of high-return investing is strictly reserved for only an exclusive class of investors, yet also offers the highest returns available. To well-connected and wealthy investors, investment returns of 60% to 158% a year are commonplace. World-class investment companies run by award-winning specialist investment professionals are earning extraordinary returns for a select class of exclusive investors: The following companies and their posted results reflect some of the top 20 CTA Performers in one of the three categories published by the Barclay Managed Funds Report. This listing is but a snapshot sample of several alternative investment databases with a sampling from 6,500 active funds reported on a monthly basis including but not limited to Hedge Funds, Fund of Hedge Funds and CTA's.

Examples of 2012 Returns

Bayou City Capital 45.92%
CenturionFx Ltd (6X) 37.89%
NDX Cap'l Mgmt (Golden Harvest) 33.24%
Clarke Cap'l Mgmt. (Gl. Magnum) 31.57%
Clarke Cap'l Mgmt. (Gl. Basic) 26.64%
Protec Energy Partners (ET1) 20.63%
Junzi Capital Engineering (TGO) 18.90%
ClearQuest (Gl. Fut. Founder's) 18.69%
Global Ag 18.66%
Lane Asset Advisors 16.42%

Managed investments allow an investor to access the world's markets through the services of professional money managers. Alternative investments utilize a diverse range of financial instruments and are flexible in their investment options. Many alternative investment managers are highly specialized and trade only in their area of expertise while others focus on the advantage of trading a broad, diverse range of opportunities.


  • A Bank in the Caribbean paying 3.5% percent interest.

  • A London fund paying 12% percent interest every year.

  • Publicly traded stocks paying between 9% to 19% dividends annually.

When you're looking for portfolio diversification, you owe it to yourself to investigate these companies and gain access. A single investment in a professionally traded account can bring reward exposure to a multitude of markets that otherwise would be unavailable. Unlike other asset classes, where profits depend solely on price appreciation, opportunities exist in both rising and falling markets, in areas all around the world in at least 50 different markets. But less than 4% of Americans will ever gain access to these exclusive opportunities.


In addition to listed investments, our clients have the ability to invest in special assets such as:

Structured Settlements
Real Estate
Equipment Leasing
Stocks, Bonds, Options
Promissory Notes
Viatical Settlements
Sales Certificates
Mobile Homes
Factoring Receivables
Deeds of Trust
General Partnerships
Limited Partnerships
Mutual Funds


There exists two investment worlds in America: one for Wall Street bankers and one for ordinary citizens. The first investment world consists of premium investment opportunities of the most lucrative profitability reserved, by law, for only the most well-connected or wealthiest of investors. The second world consists of the remaining lessor opportunities available to ordinary citizens, usually returning marginal returns of 2% or less a year, including stocks, bonds, CDs, etc. Most common investors have never heard of this 'first-tier' investment world, but they've seen the outlandish billion-dollar bank profits and bonuses and wondered "How is this even possible?" Clients of Bridgeway Financial know, and more importantly can gain access to this secretive investment world.


ACCREDITED INVESTORThe Federal Securities Laws of 1933 (Securities) and 1934 (Exchanges) restrict and place heavy encumbrances upon companies that wish to go public or raise funds and thus prevents many of the best investment companies from ever offering their investments to anyone except a narrowly defined class of "Accredited Investors". In short, to be an Accredited Investor you must have a net worth of at least 1 million dollars, or an annual income exceeding $200,000 for two years. Less than 4% of Americans meet these narrow qualifications, by design. However, now there is another option!

CREATE YOUR OWN "Private Bank" Strategies

The “Private Bank” concept consists of attracting individuals with retirement savings, offering them attractive rates of returns, and utilizing these funds to increase your output and profitability.

Lending institutions, insurance companies, and venture capitalists have been using similar concepts for years.

By using self-directed IRAs you can utilize this concept which will allow you to become more profitable and stay ahead of the competition.

Simply move funds from your existing IRA to a self-directed IRA. Then set up your LLC and move funds into this Limited Liability Company.

You can move fast into any investment.


1. Preparation and filing of the Memorandum of Association with the Registrar of Offshore Companies to create and incorporate the IBC.

2. Appointment and payment of a registered agent for one year for the IBC.

3. Appointment and payment of an Officer/Director to serve the IBC for one year.

4. Preparation of the initial Minutes, filing of the Notice of Registered Office, and issuance of Share Certificates.

5. An offshore account may be established.

6. Your IBC will be formed in three business days. To ensure complete anonymity, this can all be done over the telephone and payment may be made by credit card.

7. We can arrange for all wire transfers into and out of any offshore account to be completed with total anonymity.

DISCLAIMER: Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. Trading in commodity futures and options is speculative in nature and involves the risk of loss of one's entire investment or more. Prior to investing with any CTA, read carefully any CTA disclosure document.
DISCLAIMER: All information contained in this website is for education purposes only. Bridgeway Financial Corporation™, and its agents and affiliates, cannot and will not render any legal, investment, financial or tax advice of any kind, unless said agent or affiliate is duly licensed by the applicable state and/or federal authority to give said advice.
PROHIBITED TRANSACTIONS: A prohibited transaction is any improper use of your IRA account by you, your beneficiary, or by any disqualified person. The following are prohibited transactions: Borrowing money from your IRA • Selling personal property to your IRA. • Receiving unreasonable compensation for managing your IRA investments • Using your IRA as a security for a loan • Purchasing property for personal use with IRA funds. • Purchasing collectibles with IRA funds • Purchasing assets owned by yourself, your spouse or other family members with IRA funds • Your business may not be located on the property owned by you.
NOT AN OFFER OF SECURITIES: Not intended as individual legal, tax or financial advice. Bridgeway Financial Corporation is not a broker or agent for any particular investment, but we share information with our clients about changing market conditions and attractive investment opportunities as we become aware of them.


Each year, increasing numbers of investors are attracted by international financial centers to establish businesses in the form of an offshore company, offshore trust, offshore mutual fund, offshore insurance company, offshore bank account or to even start their own offshore bank. It is estimated that 60% of the world's wealth is held in offshore accounts through offshore companies and that 50% of the world's trade in goods is transacted through various offshore jurisdictions. As the years have progressed, so has the application of offshore services and the number of offshore
jurisdictions offering such benefits. Offshore companies or offshore trusts are not the illicit hideaways from tax authorities as sometimes presented. When set up and managed correctly they provide asset protection in a perfectly legal manner. In simple terms, an International Business Corporation can provide excellent asset protection and privacy while at the same time provides a client with excellent access to International Investment Banking opportunities.


Just a quick 270 miles from Miami, the Commonwealth of the Cayman Islands is an independent country within the British Commonwealth of Nations. There are no income taxes, capital gains taxes, or corporate, estate, profit, sales, value added, gift, or inheritance taxes. There are also no taxation agreements with other countries and no tax treaty with the U.S.

The Bridgeway Offshore Protection Plan is everything you need to begin your new International Business Corporation (IBC) and operate legally with complete Asset Protection. Offshore Protection is quick and very affordable.


Offshore banking has increased rapidly around the world since the mid-1960s because of the growth and liquidity of world financial markets. The full spectrum of financial services from offshore banks include deposit taking, money transmissions, provision of foreign exchange, trade finance, credit facilities, investment custody, investment management, fund management, trustee services, and corporate administration. John Ewing Seminar Offshore Banking

Offshore banks provide access to politically and economically stable offshore jurisdictions that may be of advantage for those living in areas where there is a risk of expropriation or where there is instability or corruption within the banking system. Many offshore banks offer services that may be unavailable in one's country of residence. The British Virgin and Cayman Islands, to name a few, prohibit the disclosure to any third-party of information pertaining to a client’s affairs without the client ’s explicit written permission under penalty of law. Some offshore banks may even provide higher interest rates than banks in the home country.

The majority of offshore banks operate within highly regulated environments under national monetary bodies such as Central Banks, Financial Services Commissions, etc. These banks are required to maintain capital adequacy requirements in accordance with international standards, and they must submit financial reports at least quarterly to the regulator on the current state of their business.

One common misconception about offshore banking and offshore accounts is that they can legally prevent assets from being subject to personal income tax or interest. This conception is usually not applicable because the personal income tax statutes of most countries makes no distinction between interest earned in local banks and those earned abroad. For instance, people subject to US income tax are required to declare any offshore bank earnings they may have.

An offshore bank account will allow you to safely and privately explore, with few restrictions, the far reaches of the vast and diverse financial universe; from the bond markets of Korea to the stock exchanges of Eastern Europe; from ultra-private Liechtenstein trust arrangements to the most successful funds; from unique commodity investments to Caribbean corporations; from Israeli nanotech start-ups to age-old European blue-chips; from the mysterious and secretive world of offshore mutual funds to tax-free Swiss gold accounts; from Isle of Man Insurance contracts to Danish multi-currency investment accounts; from uniquely structured tax-free Austrian funds to Bulgarian mortgages; and much more beyond.


The profile of a typical offshore bank account holder generally depends upon whether the account holder is an individual client or a corporate client, but both have one thing in common, offshore banking provides a series of advantages for both.
John Ewing Seminar Offshore Banking
Offshore banks provide access to politically and economically stable jurisdictions. This may be an advantage for those residents in areas where there is a risk of political or economic turmoil who fear their assets may be frozen, seized, or disappear - eg. during economic crisis, etc.

Some offshore banks may operate with a lower cost base and can provide higher interest rates than the rate in your home country due to lower overheads and a lack of government interference.

Interest is generally paid by offshore banks without tax deducted. This is an advantage to individuals who do not pay tax on worldwide income or who do not pay tax until a tax return is prepared.

Some offshore banks offer banking services that may not be available from domestic banks such as anonymous offshore bank accounts, numbered accounts, higher or lower rate loans based on risk and investment opportunities not available elsewhere.

Offshore banking is often linked to corporate structures such as offshore companies, offshore trusts or foundations which may have specific tax and asset protection advantages for some individuals.

Offshore finance is one of the few industries, along with tourism, that geographically remote island nations can competitively engage in. Offshore banking and finance can thus help developing countries to source investments and create growth in their economies. Offshore banking creates additional tax and banking competition and is an advantage to the industry as tax competition allows people to choose an appropriate balance of services and taxes.


Move funds from your existing IRA to a self-directed IRA.
Set up your IBC and then move funds into a Nevis Limited Liability Company. You now have control to move funds into high yield investments tax free and compound your earnings.

Insulate your wealth from liability, confiscation and seizure using a single member IBC directly owned by your self-directed IRA account.

Using funds from your self-directed IRA and IBC combination, you can load up your tax free and deductible investment year after year.

If you are buying offshore properties, you can qualify your next investment as a large down payment on real estate. As you contribute to your IRA you are able to get tax deductions. You can bring down the mortgage by doubling up your payments. Learn how the real estate professionals are doing it.

Guarantee your complete financial privacy by using your self-directed IRA and IBC in combination to protect you from lawyers and lawsuits.

You can use a IBC as your investment company with the only member partner being your IRA. You become the “funds manager”. Create your own “Private Bank” where you, not someone else, have decision control. Use this Private Banking concept just like the professionals on Wall Street. Join with others and pool your investments.

Who should use an ibc?

People who have worked hard for their financial rewards, and who want to keep their assets secret and out of reach of lawyers and lawsuits or seizure by government agencies:
  • Anyone who is the potential target of a lawsuit
  • Anyone concerned about The Patriot Act
  • John Ewing Seminar Offshore BankingAnyone with a high net worth
  • Anyone paying high premiums for liability insurance
  • Professionals and business owners
  • Individuals who need to keep their financial affairs private
  • Anyone needing to separate high-risk investments from other assets
  • Anyone wishing to buy bonds, securities, and mutual funds or precious metals not available to U.S. citizens

The ‘type’ of person who falls into the above three categories range from those with inherited wealth to those who have earned it; all utilize offshore banking for the benefits of taxation planning, estate planning, privacy and asset protection.

other advantages of ibcs

John Ewing Seminar Offshore BankingThe first step in becoming judgment-proof is to get your assets out of your personal name. One of the best ways to do this is to transfer your liquid assets into an offshore corporation. This is a legal entity that you control. Lawyers for plaintiffs will only continue to pursue cases they believe wil pay off, not those against judgment-proof defendants. The best way of getting the plaintiff's lawyer to accept a token settlement is to convince the lawyer that you have no assets.

By forming an offshore international business company, you create a legal entity to hold liquid assets. And no one knows who the owner is. All of the investgative agencies, which help trial lawyers, ex-spouses, ex-business partners, and creditors locate the wealth of the defendants they want to sue, will not be able to see or locate your offshore accounts. This makes you a poor prospect for a lawsuit.

  • An IBC and its shareholders are exempted from the payment of offshore business license fees, income taxes, corporation taxes, capital gains taxes, or any other taxes on income or distribution in connection with any transaction to which the IBC or the shareholder is a party
  • No estate, inheritance, succession, or profits tax is payable to any offshore haven with respect to its shares, debt obligations or other securities.
  • The minimum number of subscribers and directors is one. Names of shareholders are not recorded in any public registry. No filing of financial statements or annual returns listing shareholders is required.
  • Meetings of directors and shareholders may be held by telephone or fax or other electronic means.
  • An IBC is not subject to any offshore currency exchange control regulations.
  • Government registration and annual fees are low.
  • No offshore tax returns are required of any kind.
  • Any account may be held in any currency. Any account may be held in a money market fund.
  • All offshore income can be reported discreetly with the use of a private Nevada Corporation.


Is it legal for me to have an offshore bank account?
Yes, absolutely legal. Offshore banking has been routinely and legally used for many years by individuals and organizations worldwide. Because many countries encourage international trade and enterprise, there are usually only limited restrictions on residents doing business or having bank accounts in other countries. However, reporting requirements on these accounts differ from country to country.

Why should I bank offshore?
There are many reasons to bank offshore. Reasons include asset protection, estate planning, confidentiality, better returns and the chance to exploit active business interests overseas from a zero tax jurisdiction with near hermetic confidentiality.

Is it convenient to use offshore banks?
Yes. With Internet, e-mail, fax and telephone banking and the use of ATMs, your money is just as accessible as it is from your local bank account. You can easily and quickly transfer your money around the world by electronic transfer and can effectively bank wherever you are.

Advanced strategies when going offshore

Over the last several years we have helped our clients to achieve effective, safe, confidential and affordable corporate structuring, tax planning and asset protection, guiding them every step of the way. If you need to open an offshore corporate bank account we can assist you to select the best structure and the most suitable banking institution.
  1. Privately trade stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CDs, precious metals and currencies on markets everywhere.
  2. Take advantage of currency gains and emerging-market stocks traded on exchanges.
  3. Diversify your assets out of American dollars and convert them into currencies set to soar against the dollar in the volatile times ahead, including the Swiss franc, the Euro, and other currencies.
  4. Buy into special types of mutual funds managed by legendary, award-winning financial analysts who rank among the world’s best.
John Ewing Seminar Offshore Banking
DISCLAIMER: This information does not constitute an offer to sell any investment. Any investment must be made only by an authorized representative of the investment fund. Bridgeway Financial Corporation is not a United States Securities Dealer, Investment Advisor or Broker. This website and any and all attachments and related documents are never considered to be a solicitation for any purpose in any form or content.
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Bridgeway Financial Corporation is not a broker or agent for any particular investment, but we share information with our clients about changing market conditions and attractive investment opportunities as we become aware of them.