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What is Certified Tax Advantage (CTA)?

It is a Membership program that offers ongoing tax-savings training and education, with continually enhanced, improved, and updated recordkeeping software. CTA is the system Ron Mueller personally uses. It is cyberspace-based (with bank-level encryption for security), so never again will you lose important tax records if your computer has a hard-drive crash. The book (Home Business Tax Savings, Made Easy!) is fully integrated into the CTA recordkeeping software, so while you are inputting your business expense data, if you have a question about deductibility of an expense, you no longer have to pull out the book to look up the answer. It’s right there on the same recordkeeping page in the software.


John Ewing Seminar Tax Reduction/Accounting with Joe Craft We provide full accounting, tax planning, and tax preparation services for our clients. We are dedicated in providing our clients with the utmost in tax planning, tax related advice, international taxation and business consultation.

We can prepare and complete financial statements and tax returns for Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, International Companies, Charities, Foundations, Trusts and all manner of personal and business returns. We can perform engagement reports, reviews and audited financial statements for any type of entity and miscellaneous tax filing forms.

Learn how you can convert business income into passive income by using Sub-Chapter “S” entities and lease back entities that not only reduce taxes but also provide asset protection. Learn to invest using Nevada Companies and sheltered tax plans.

We offer a whole listing of strategies that you will want to look at from Defined Benefit Plans, Cash Balance Pension Plans, Defined Contribution Plans, Profit-Sharing Plans, 401(k), 419, 412i Plans, SEP, fully Self-Directed ROTH and ROTH IRA Plans and Money Purchase Plans.

Case Story #8:
The Unfortunate Investor

Mr P. had four primary assets, his personal residence with approximately $750,000 of equity, his retail store, his Mercedes, and a Dean Witter brokerage account worth approximately $400,000 in stock and CDs.

Mr P. undertook a real estate development project to build 4 homes at a nearby golf course, which he personally guaranteed with $1 million in loans. As the economy turned sour so did the value of his land and building projects- making him upside down in debt to the bank.

Mr. P. was advised to move all of his $400,000 in stock and CDs to a Nevis offshore corporation and invest the funds at 8.5%. He then formed a second offshore corporation in Belize and through a process known as ‘circling' placed friendly liens on his home and car thereby making his Belize offshore corporation the effective lien-holder and owner of his assets.

He understood that if the bank became an aggressive creditor against him in the event of default it would be extremely difficult (maybe even impossible) for the bank to reach his offshore investments. It would certainly be very expensive for the bank.

When the bank was made aware of Mr. P.'s financial situation they concluded it would be 'uneconomical' to pursue his Nevada held retail store due to the charging order protection guarantees of his offshore investments. The bank did not pursue Mr. P. on his personal guaranty, and allowed Mr. P. to restructure his debt on very favorable terms.


Because of Nevada’s unique regulatory and legal climate, Nevada has become the State of choice for forming companies and trusts. Clients can take advantage of Nevada’s liberal body of trust law, corporate law, and tax law. Ask yourself... what is peace of mind really worth to you? Nevada Corporations, Offshore Companies, and effectively structured LLC's provides an individual in business, or on commission, with the greatest personal liability protection and tax benefits. All of these techniques and more may apply to your situation. We recommend that you have your personal and business tax returns reviewed to determine if there are ways to lower or eliminate the taxes you are paying now.

Learn to Reduce Taxes Today!


You work with our trusted team of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Enrolled Agents for the IRS (EAs), Financial Planners, Bankers and Investment Advisory Planners who can help you with specialized areas to reduce your taxes. Our company can also assist you in Tax Audit Defense and Tax Negotiations with the IRS You may be able to settle claims for pennies on the dollar.

“I have never in my lifetime of doing business and investments felt more comfortable and at ease as I do with Joe Craft's team. I feel like I am working with a team who has my family’s best interests at heart. I have dealt with many CPAs, Attorneys, and “advisors” over the years. None of them come close to your abilities. Your efforts and results are far beyond any expectations I could have imagined. We will sleep well tonight.”

With all gratitude,

D. Etter, Las Vegas NV
Bella-Cassa Group, Inc.
New Home Developer


  1. 1. Daily, weekly or monthly booking
  2. 2. Monthly payroll service
  3. 3. Online portal quickbooks
  4. 4. Monthly financial statements
  5. 5. Financial statements for Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited
        Partnerships, International Companies, Charities, Foundations, and Trusts
  6. 6. In every state we can perform engagement reports, reviews, and audited
        financial statements
  7. 7. Business tax returns for all states
  8. 8. Personal tax returns for all states
  9. 9. Audit defense
  10. 10. Foundation and 501(c)(3) planning
  11. 11. Customized financial plans


"Over and over again courts have said that there is nothing sinister in so arranging one's affairs so as to make taxes as low as possible... for nobody owes any public duty to pay more taxes than the law demands."
-Justice Learned Hand of the U.S. Supreme Court

"The legal right of a taxpayer to decrease the amount of what otherwise would be his taxes, or altogether avoid them, by means which the law permits, cannot be doubted."
-Justice George Sutherland of the U.S. Supreme Court

John Ewing Seminar Tax Reduction/Accounting with Joe Craft

"In such a litigious society, if you own anything worth having, lawyers will find a way to come after you."

P. Thomas Adams, Jr., JD
Attorney at Law

Client testimonials

This a belated response but wanted to provide feedback.  The matter was resolved in a timely manner and with a positive outcome.  Thanks for taking the time to help move the process along. Thank you for following up on the matter.  Sometime this afternoon I left a message for the person  handling invoices (my intent was to further assess the stalemate).  I later received a call from Melissa that the issue was resolved and the taxes would be sent out and prioritized.   It appears things are moving the right direction and I await the outcome.  Take care and be well.
C. Van Horne

I have been a client of Bridgeway Financial Corp. since 2011. Bridgeway has facilitated setting up my Nevada Corp, IBC, and IRA/LLC. I have enjoyed working with Bridgeway and their team of experts.

Recently I had received a call from the “IRS”, was told that I was being indited for tax evasion. As I protested my innocence, they proceeded to inform me that I was being arrested within the hour. While my head spinning, and heart racing, I thought of the only one I knew and trusted to consult with. I called Bridgeway in a panic, and was immediately put through to John Ewing's direct line. After giving John Ewing my story, John also connected Joe Craft to the phone conversation. Within a few more minutes of inquiry, they had gone to the source, detected the problem, and proceeded to notify me that I was a victim of a scam that was posted on the IRS website. After we all had a good laugh, I was even more convinced of the integrity and personal care from the Bridgeway's team of professionals. I can trust them like a family “to have my back” and come to my aid. (even if the emergency was embarrassing and frivolously fraudulent.)

This incident was just another proof to me of the way Bridgeway treats each client, with the utmost consideration, care, and professionalism. The longer I am with Bridgeway, the more convinced I am, that I have the very best legal team, which others cannot compare. Thank you Bridgeway for the people you are!

C. P.

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