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IRS Settlements with BridgewayCorpNEGOTIATED TAX BILL
One businessman proved the "ostrich approach" of ignoring the Internal Revenue Service is one of the poorest possible approaches to take with a government tax collection agency. While evading his tax liability until it reached nearly $200,000, he was then also sued by attorneys in an expensive divorce. We were asked to step in and were able to negotiate his sizable tax collections down to a more reasonable monthly payment of $1,000 per month, based upon his circumstances.


Debilitating arthritis kept a former glass contractor from working. However, his living standard was maintained by a six-figure trust fund set up for him to live on. Unfortunately he retained a huge IRS tax liability from the end of his contracting business. We were able to negotiate a full and complete settlement of only $3,000 with the IRS by arguing his health and that he had no power over the funds inside the trust.

A terrified taxpayer called us - he was facing an IRS audit and didn't know where to start. He was a self-filer who had kept most of his records, but he knew better than to go into an IRS audit without a qualified representative defending him. The taxpayer engaged our audit defense services and soon learned the IRS believed he owed over $150,000 in unpaid taxes. With our assistance, our client got all his documentation in place, and his former tax liability of $150,000 dropped to $54,000 - a 64% savings.

A day-trader who got caught not filing all her transactions exactly as the IRS requires was in serious trouble. When she received the audit notice and learned the IRS claimed she owed them $450,000 she thought everything she had worked years for was gone. We vigorously represented the taxpayer with the IRS and placed all her records into acceptable formats as required by the IRS. Her tax bill fell from $450,000 to just $3,000, representing a 99.5% savings for her.

A taxpayer had spent several years building up a tax debt that had snowballed with penalties and interest into $110,000. His was a perfect case for an offer-in-compromise, which the IRS accepted. After the settlement, the taxpayer owed the IRS just $10,000. IRS Settlements with BridgewayCorp

The IRS claimed a client owed $13,000 in back taxes. Back taxes can grow extremely quickly and after additional fees, penalties, and interest soon take on a life of their own. We prepared an offer-in-compromise on behalf of our client and negotiated the debt. The IRS accepted just $2,000 to clear the back taxes, and our tax payer was able to resume her life.

A taxpayer called and had a number of unfiled tax returns from past years. With penalties, fees and interest, the taxpayer owed a tax bill of over $100,000. We
presented the IRS an offer-in-compromise and the taxpayer wound up receiving a $23,000 refund for the amended return years.

One client owed back taxes of $490,000 with a required monthly payment of $700. Finding this was making his life very difficult, we re-negotiated the payment plan and worked out a deal with the IRS for our client to pay only $300 per month, putting $400 per month back in his family's pocket.

A wage-earner and stay-at-home mom:
Owed: $70,000 Settled: $8,000

A construction sub-contractor: IRS Settlements with BridgewayCorp
Owed: $45,000 Settled: $2,000

An eighty year old retiree:
Owed: $17,000 Settled: $2,000

A self-employed ice-cream vendor:
Owed: $100,000 Settled: $2,500

A divorced single-father and wage-earner:
Owed: $15,000 Settled: $2,000

Dr. Ron Mueller
Dr. Ron Mueller,
MBA, Ph.D.


IRS problems have a way of ruining all aspects of your life. They take a toll on you financially, physically and emotionally. You can never really forget about them because they always come back each morning ...when you wake up!

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Bridgeway Financial Corporation has the experience and expertise needed to make sure the IRS treats you fairly and with respect. If you are ready to be one of
our success stories, call or contact us today.

We can help you find the peace of knowing your tax problems are going away- starting today. Call today and let our tax consultants explain how we can help with your particular tax problem.


One client went from ownership in 4 fast-food restaurants to devastatingly ill in only about a year. That illness left her with outstanding federal and state tax bills of around $500,000. We were able to settle those debts with both agencies for about $10,500, and allow her husband to still keep his full wages.

An elderly lady had fallen victim to a tax scheme promoter. The promoter had instructed her to file inaccurate returns. When the IRS audited, the tax scheme promoter then advised the elderly woman not to co-operate with the government. Unfortunately, she continued to heed the advice of the tax scheme promoter and found herself facing jail time in federal prison as well. We were able to get the criminal investigation closed and kept her from going to prison.

One state had chained the office doors of a masonry contractor who fell behind on his tax payments. We were able to negotiate with the state agency to remove the chains and allow him to re-open his business. Subsequently, after we negotiated an Offer-In-Compromise with the Internal Revenue Service, he was allowed to pay only $60,000 of an approximately $150,000 tax debt, thereby greatly reducing his taxes and saving him 60%. After strenuous argument with the IRS, we convinced the IRS to cease their aggressive collection activities against our client.

We assisted a doctor when the IRS began aggressively levying his bank accounts and his patient Account Receivables. This situation was traumatic since the IRS wanted the names and phone numbers of each of his patients sent directly to the Treasury Department for collections. This action immediately began to destroy his business as patients began leaving for other doctors. We were successful in blocking the IRS collection efforts and created a payment plan so the doctor could continue to effectively operate his business.

CONTINUED OPERATIONS IRS Settlements with BridgewayCorp
In the case of a seasonal family-owned business (where incomes are low in the off-season) we achieved results by arguing with the Internal Revenue Service that collection efforts were not achievable. Due to these efforts, the IRS ruled in our favor and determined its outstanding tax liability was in fact uncollectible. Therefore, we kept the business from closing its doors and allowed it to continue its operations smoothly and without interruption.

A network marketer was severely impacted by the downturn in the national economy. We were called upon to achieve an Offer-In-Compromise with the IRS to settle their tax liability. Due to our efforts, the entire outstanding IRS debt of more than $100,000 was settled for about $30,000, and we created a reasonable payment plan that the client could afford.

Declining health, an illness, and a declining national economy impacted a top network marketer. He and his wife could no longer fulfill the terms of their original tax payment plan with the IRS. We successfully renegotiated their payment plan down from $5,000 per month to $500 per month, thus saving them $4,500 a month. This allowed the couple to live within their means and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

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