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"Thank you for your answers. I feel a little bit uncertain that's why I ask so many questions. I just want to do everything legally. So thank you so much for all the hard work you do in our behalf. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And thank you for being patient with me.

S. Fox, Avon OH
Brainview Training Institute, Inc.

“Thank you John for all you did with getting in and getting us set up. Those are the times when integrity is tested to the max and you came out smelling like a rose! We FINALLY have our Caye Bank account opened and ready to invest. Much appreciated.”

C. Praamsma, San Marcos CA
The Cyrus Group, Inc.

"Anyone who is in business or is thinking about opening a business of any size or magnitude needs the resources that Bridgeway offers. Having dealt with them for the last 4 years, the peace of mind that comes with each question or phone call is worth every dime. As a business owner I have little time to think or to worry about trivial situations or issues. A call to Judy is a joy. A call to John is proof of a commitment and a passion rarely seen in the business arena. Think not... give the business to Bridgeway. You can rest at night knowing John has the answers."

B. Roberts, Grandview TX
Whitestone Corporation

"When we received our Corporation's Minute Book and it was taken out of the packaging, I can't begin to tell you how impressed we were with the quality and feel of the book, the information inside and the imprinting. Very classy, indeed. If your services are as good a quality as our minute book, then we believe our business is in very good hands. With all gratitude."

M. Rovang and C. Rovang, Sandpoint ID
Deer Haven, Inc.

"Thank you so much for talking with me this morning even though you were busy. When you gave me the answers, I thought 'of course!'. That's the perfect way to do it! Thank you! You're the best! Best regards."

J. Davis, Montgomery AL
Dynamic Global Holdings, LLC

"Before I signed onto Bridgeway’s program I carefully considered my decision. You are offering a tremendous service like no other, giving many a chance of a lifetime to educate ourselves and prepare for things which throw an ominous shadow over our lives. What most of us would tell you is that of greatest value, aside from your knowledge and expertise, is your genuineness and desire to
help. You have bent over backwards to help us at very little cost to ourselves,
and I for one, will always be grateful to you."

A.W. Hall, Bedford TX
Regal View Corporation

"Over the past many months, your mini financial workshops have been a panacea to my financial needs and profoundly educational. Educational at a level of understanding that allows a novice or a seasoned professional to gain insight. Your workshops prove to make me feel safe and secure as a client. No other company like yours has afforded clients such a wealth of knowledge and service. Your company is the gestault of financial security."

C. Melhado, Austin TX
The Analogy, Inc.

"Thank you for spending so much time talking to myself and my colleague today. You are truly a fountain of knowledge. We are truly in good hands and look forward to a long relationship."

L. Pont and L. Varga, Rockledge FL
Lila Capital, Inc.

"We cannot express the gratitude we have for the quality of service received from Bridgeway Financial Corporation... exceptional is an understatement. In all our years of research the Bridgeway Financial "team" is truly unconventionally brilliant and has stood out as exceptional authorities in the field of wealth preservation, business and tax planning, asset protection and continues to be unrivaled in this arena.

We are very impressed with the indepthness of knowledge your team of professionals have in their respective areas of expertise and their dedication for helping each and every client achieve a tailored solution for their personal and business state of affairs.

As a client of Bridgeway, we truly enjoy the weekly educational conference calls. They are very dynamic, entertaining and refreshing to listen to some of the most brilliant minds educate us on cutting edge research, current economic trending and what appears in our view a very sound projection of the current state of the world financial landscape. These calls are helping us bridge (no pun intended), and discover the avenues we can explore to preserve and protect the “fruits of our hard labor”. As a result, we can say with confidence, that Bridgeway represents the “Beacon of light” for the business savvy of the 21st century.

Without further hesitation, we highly recommend Bridgeway Financial and their team of experts for all your business, tax planning and Asset Protection consultation needs. In addition, we also recommend that you purchase and read his co-authored book “The Secrets of Asset Protection... Only the Wise Survive”. It is very reader-friendly, thought engaging, and packed with priceless information. Rest assured, it has certainly given us the greatest peace of mind to have found John Ewing and the Bridgeway team. We simply cannot thank you enough, you are smart, accessible, and your team is absolutely pleasant to work with. This level of service is invaluable. Keep up the excellent work!"

H. Jacas, Palm Beach FL

GWS Enterprises, LLC

"I just wanted to send a note in appreciation of your quick and professional service these last few days. After some really horrible experiences over the last couple years I cannot express how refreshing it is to deal with organized, responsive, professionals."

G. Smith, Bristow VA
Double Apex Enterprises, LLC

"There is nothing like the fear when you realize that you could possibly lose all your money due to a Medical accident. Well, this was the case with me when I had a spinal cord injury due to a fall in the house and landed in the hospital for four week. Imagine trying to recovering from my injury at home, in a wheelchair and the shock that I was in after receiving a bill for over $170,000 from the hospital. I could see that my inheritance which was what I was living on would quickly disappear if I didn’t do something quick.

I was referred to Bridgeway Financial by a friend and with John Ewing and Joe Craft advice was able to set up a safe way to legally preserve my assets. What a great sigh of relief it was that now I could go back to the hospital and now negotiate a settlement of just $450 because I could honestly say that I didn’t have any money in my name! Now I greatly enjoy the privacy, security and peace of mind that asset protection offers and would highly recommend Bridgeway Financial and their skillful team who are not only very accessible, but also very professional. It’s nice to know that in such a litigious society, I can say that I am protected."

D. Allen, Mountain View CA
Infinity Within LLLP (Limited Partner)

"John is one the brightest guys I know in this area and he can give you the 'complete' approach. Our courses are great, but when your business grows as yours has... its time to sit down and really work through options and advanced strategies, especially if we are talking estate planning."

D. M. Barazandeh, Austin TX
Attorney at Law

“I want to say thank you to you and your Firm. I just went through the corporate documents and I'm very impressed. You guys really have been great to work with.”

C. Merrill, South Jordon UT
AM Partners International, Inc.

"I've been on every Bridgeway [conference] call since being invited in the fourth quarter 2010 and they are awesome! I look forward to learning what I need to know to grow, maintain and protect the kind of wealth most people dream of and then privately provide for those who are in need. Therefore, I am very interested in hearing more details on the nominee privacy services and all other asset protection options.

I have been studying the website and material in the client back office often. We'll take it step by step. I have the appointment forms needed for a consultation with Mr. Joe Craft and will set that up as I prepare for filing taxes for the business and my personal taxes as well. Again thank you and let's build this big and do grand things together."

M. Montrose, New York NY
Mullerian Capital Corporation

"In the short time I have done business with Bridgeway Financial Corporation, I have been amazed how fast they return e-mails, phone calls, and general questions in setting up my corporation. In a matter of days, or hours they answered all my questions about offshore business investments, and keeping it safe. I would definitely recommend Bridgeway Financial Corporation for business and tax help. Thank you."

D. Bulgrin, Omaha NE
DCCN Enterprises, Inc.

"John... Great [conference] call on Tuesday. You were at the top of your game! Your spirit was alive... I enjoyed being on the call and also hearing from Norm. Also, thanks for that note the other day about sending me that CD. It is a complement to my Financial Fortress binder sitting in front of me right now at Panera Bread!"

D. Toth, Farmington Hills MI
Dokido, Inc.

"I wanted to send you a sincere email thanking the Bridgeway family for a superior service that you are offering us as clients. I am probably like the majority of your clients who have been led to Bridgeway via the pending RV of the Iraqi Dinar, not having a great deal of money but desiring the lifestyle and level of success only available to the rich and wealthy. Also, being new to this level of business it is imperative that everything is not only setup correctly but run and maintained at the same standard.

This is where Bridgeway comes in because not only have you talked the talk but you have also walked the walk. Offering many small business the opportunity to start from an embryo stage and grow into an income producing entity. Many of us clients and by word of recommendation (potential clients) will be highly impressed at the level Bridgeway goes to provide satisfaction.

I for one am extremely impressed and will ride this wave all the way in to financial success. You have a client for life! Sincerely,"

F. Bradley, Owings Mills MD
Genisys Group Inc.

"Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to my inquiry. I am very impressed and really appreciate the personal attention. Your advice sounds intriguing. In our conversation, you had suggested that I could open an IBC by utilizing some of my IRA funds. I would like to explore that option further, so that I can understand the pro's and con's. Thank you again for your kind assistance.

By the way, I was also very impressed with the promptness and efficiency of your Wells Fargo Bank contact. He was very accommodating and helpful - just like everyone I have encountered in your organization. Great service always starts at the top and your fine influence is obvious. Keep up the great work!"

W. Minter, Las Vegas NV
New World Wellness Concepts Inc.

"Just a note of appreciation to Lisa and John Ewing for all the help you gave me on my IRA project. I know it took a long time and I made some goofs along the way, but without you I could not have done it. Six days ago on February 2nd of what was left of my IRA assets was finally wired to Josh. He hasn't had the time to respond to the way he probablly plannned, but I feel as though I am in good hands!"

A.W. Hall, Bedford TX
Regal View Corporation

"Thank you for the welcome letter and packet of documents for my incorporation. I double checked with Bank of America this morning and the funds which I transferred electronically yesterday were in fact available today. Thank you again for your kind assistance with these matters. I am very impressed by your promptness and professionalism."

W. Minter, Las Vegas NV
New World Wellness Concepts Inc.

"V.P. Mr. M is in charge with the duty of researching, studying & the structuring of Bridgeway Financial Corporations' methods & then he passes the findings onto the Company's officers. For your information V.P. Mr. M has reviewed your entire website, including reading all of the newsletters, PDF documents, listened to all the audios and watched all of the videos! After much research Mr. M found your services par none to any other & he brought business to your company, including me."

"He gave Bridgeway Financial Corporation a green light & said that your outstanding worldy services offer the most complete package beyond his expectations. Mr. M is a business man & has an aviation background, so he is very detailed, hands on, and looks for answers on how to use your services in everyday life. The nuts and bolts so to speak, to simplify your services for us to understand, how to use in our everyday life, & to giude us to gain & function with the proper mindset of the elite business world for protection now & upon our demise. We look forward to our future with you & Bridgeway Financial Corporation. Sincerely,"

B. Bean, Methuen MA
Orion Corp

"I want to know how much you weigh? The reason I ask you that, is you are worth your weight in gold."

"I have a right to say this, because you are very, very special. You've given us so much more John. What I love about you, your up to date information. I'm so excited; I'm so happy. This is worth much more than anybody realizes."

"John, you give us the best information, up-to-date truth information that is so easy to understand. I understand what's needed and what's not needed."

"99% of the population are broke, John. This is our hope. If you keep on going, this is our only hope. Most of the poeple probably won't find out about you. But we need to do our best & tell everybody. Shout it out from the mountaintops. I'll do my best. I'll bring good people in here."

"I want to thank you for taking your awesome time, an hour or some other time you've given us. You give us something that is true, something that is of value. Something that is more important now than it's ever had been before. I got so much more to say, but thank you so much. I just want to introduce, my time & myself as Eric. I'm nervous as you can tell, but I'm excited!"

Bridgeway Conference Call

"A day without establishing an IBC and Cayman Island account and with the help of Bridgeway, is a day of lost revenue. We are witnessing the meltdown of the U.S. economy and I am glad I have my money elsewhere."

D. Holcomb, Brentwood CA
Sprig Group Corp

"We do want to compliment Josh VanDyke. He has been so proactive and is just waiting to receive our monies to get things started. We originally spoke with him back in November before he went on his vacation and he called us first day back after returning from vacation."

B. King, Humble TX
BA King Ventures, LLC

"I'm new to this and so excited to get educated!"

C. Bea, Bartlesville OK
3E Corp

"Happy Thanksgiving! I want to say thank you for all your hard work for us! I am very grateful to have found you and Bridgeway."

D. Addington, Glendale AZ
Trinity Ventures, Inc.

"I just want you to know it has been an honor to come to know you. I think you are a really great person that actually cares. The knowledge you poses about your trade is incredible and undeniably awesome… I really appreciate you!"

N. Lower, Tampa FL
Alis Aquilae, Inc.

"I thought to share this interesting article with you which I just read on the web. It relieves my heart to know that I am truly with a reputable, cutting-edge firm, and that you have brilliantly carved out ways to protect our assets. Thanks for the educational [conference] calls you continue to sow onto our lives."

A. Ofili, Hyattsville MD
Quantum Network Group

This is to let you know I am in receipt of Financial Fortress and I really
appreciate your work in getting it to me. When I first unwrapped it, I began with the index and the first chapter... I couldn't put it down! That first chapter scared the
daylights out of me. I am determined to find out as much as I can. Thanks, guys!"


My feeling is that your call of last Tuesday was a huge hit with your audience. It validated your exceptionalism as a CEO, reinforcing our feelings that not only
do you have superb knowledge of your area of business but that you truly wish to benefit your people to the maximum. I not only was on that live call but I have
listened to the replay once. I know I will be replaying it several more times.

A.W. Hall, Bedford TX
Regal View Corporation

"Thank you for responding so quickly. You are the only person I do trust.  

….he lacks your expertise and credentials and I fear is leading the several thousand members of his club into a losing situation by recommending… I wish he could hear what you have to say.

I will continue with listening to your weekly conference calls and following the guidance you provide to us. Right now, I am feeling grateful that I have a Bridgeway Nevada Corporation and International Business Corporation. "

D. Vinayaga, Kirkland WA
Panart International Corporation

"Thank you for your reply. I would also like to thank you for the weekly phone calls and website information to help your clients understand complicated things. Those of us who do not have a legal or accounting background really appreciate both of these."

K. Baskin, Plant City FL
Longboat Enterprises International, LLC

1"You mentioned on the [conference] call to send you an email if anyone was able to sign in with there Nevada Corporation, well I was able to sign up using mine. Thanks for all the good information you and the Bridgeway team provide and for always being available. It is greatly appreciated."

A. Brown, New York NY
Whitestone Group Limited Corp

"Fantastic. I ordered my book on Wednesday and received it Friday! "The Secrets of Asset Protection Only the Wise Survive" is a beautiful professional work. Thanks for my autographed copy. I look forward to reading it."
J. Shores, Arlington TX

"Judith, just a quick note to comment on your leading the [conference] call tonight, June 17th [2014]. You did a fantastic job! Bravo! Please pass on my thanks also to Norm and Joe. Norm is a "treasure house" of knowledge as is Joe with his invaluable advise. It is a blessing to be a client of Bridgeway under John's positive, colorful leadership. I am thankful for all of Bridgeway's talented staff, but I'd like to emphasize that you "stand out" as a special asset to the firm. From my heart."
M. Anderson, Houston TX
MJG Group, Inc.


“I wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated the people and services at Bridgeway. Everyone has been extremely helpful and made themselves available to assist me with personal questions and additional information. I feel confident that I have made a good choice in choosing Bridgeway for my financial needs.”

D. Krueger, San Luis Obispo CA
Gratitude Abounds, Inc.

“John, your 3 chapters 8-10 are awesome in your Fortress binder. I like the 6th line of defense... Offshore! I carry this binder everyday to Panera Bread.”

D. Toth, Farmington Hills MI
Dokido, Inc.

“Thank you for taking time out during your vacation to reply to my email. As always, the information you provided is most helpful. Thank you as well for addressing my questions on last Tuesday's public call. The masterful way you wove my questions into your informative discussion was quite impressive! I am scheduled to speak with Joe Craft this morning for further clarification regarding the Roth IRA questions. I will also reach out to Brian Davis as you suggest. Thanks again!"

B. Minter, Las Vegas NV
New World Wellness Concepts, Inc.

“I have never in my lifetime of doing business and investments felt more comfortable and at ease as I do with the team of Joe Craft and John Ewing. I feel like I am working with a team who has my family’s best interests at heart. I have dealt with many CPAs, Attorneys, and “advisors” over the years. None of them come close to your abilities. Your efforts and results are far beyond any expectations I could have imagined. We will sleep well tonight. With all gratitude."

D. Etter, Las Vegas NV
Bella-Cassa Group, Inc.

"About a year ago my associates and I began our relationship with John Ewing and the staff at Bridgeway Financial. Since forming this relationship, my confidence in John and his colleagues has grown tremendously. I quickly learned that proper tax planning and effective asset protection strategies are not singular events in a defined timeline. When combined properly they become an ongoing process consisting of both commitment and proper attention to detail. Working with the staff of Bridgeway Financial has been all and more than I had initially hoped it would be. I feel as though I am working with a team of first-rate professionals who are genuinely concerned with both the success and peace of mind of their clients. If you are considering a possible relationship with Bridgeway Financial, I encourage you to contact them as soon as possible and begin by taking the necessary steps to properly protect the financial security of your family, your hard-earned income and your assets. It is never too late to get started. I would strongly recommend John Ewing and the entire team at Bridgeway Financial to anyone that is in search of serious asset protection and sound tax planning strategies."

T. Osberger, Toledo OH
Falcon Professional Consultants, Inc.

"I have been pretty impressed with the expertise and professionalism, of Adams & Ewing/Bridgeway Financial Corporation! Where else can you go and purchase only one asset protection product, and have a more than qualified staff, CPA, paralegal, and a highly recommended attorney at your disposal. This is awesome! Remember the old saying? You pay for what you get! I am glad I paid the price. Here's to our future endeavors together!"

P. Reynolds, Buffalo NY

Bellwether, Inc.

"Your professional team at Bridgeway Financial Corporation and Adams & Ewing has been a great resource to our international business organization, as we are very much committed to continue utilizing your products and services to maximize our international business development. We finally found the right boutique firm that understands sound tax structuring, can provide tools for protecting our private and corporate assets, along with providing us with the necessary privacy. It is truly a nice breath of fresh air dealing with people that actually understand asset protection, privacy and tax structuring in this day and age, when most Attorneys, law firms and CPAs lack the direct knowledge and professional experience to provide the out of the box products and services that will add serious figures to anyone's business bottom line when properly applied. Keep it up, thank you."

C. Oesch, Las Vegas NV
Myhub Group, LLC

"Bridgeway Financial staff was very knowledgeable and great to work with; I recommend this company to everyone I know. In this day of litigation, with lawsuits happening in your own backyard, how can you not get asset protection for yourself and family. I look forward to many more great years with the business, keep up the great work."

C. Nguyen, Federal Way WA

Bridgeway Consultant

"Working with Bridgeway Financial Corporation and Adams, Ewing & Craft has been a great learning experience. They take the time to explain everything to you. They definitely look out for your best interests. When you call the office, the staff is very efficient in getting you the right person you need to speak with. If you have a problem they help you through it or get someone to do so. Meeting the people in the firm says it all. They are very genuine and will definitely look out for YOU."

C. Myers, Savannah NY

Country Creekside, Inc.

"Bridgeway Financial's staff is a wealth of knowledge! I acquired a pretty good some of money which I did not want to pay an enormous amount of taxes on. So I called my team at Adams, Ewing, Craft and Barry. Not only did the tax person advise me on the best option but they also directed me on how I can transition the money into my business seamlessly. I will always call on my team, the business advisors of Adams, Ewing & Craft before I make any major decisions (business or personal)."

F. Barnes, Baltimore MD
Bridgezet, LLC

"I am appreciative of the speed at which your entire staff has made things happen. I expect, from what we have seen so far, I will be very pleased with the results of our initial business dealings.

More important to us is the ability to know that when someone is sent to Bridgeway, they will have a total package available to them that works. Anonymity, corporate protection, and money management are extremely important items to us. I am hopeful we have found a company to help us with Our Veil, Our Vest and Our Vault. Thank you again for your efforts."

D. Etter, Hendersonville NC

Wiseman Alliance LLLP

Our experience setting up a new corporation with Bridgeway Financial was an exceptional one. We were especially impressed with John Ewing's advanced knowledge of asset protection and creative tax planning strategies. We would most certainly recommend Bridgeway Financial to others that are in search of a full service, high quality legal and accounting firm.

M. Myers, Redondo Beach CA
FitFlash, Inc.

"Your team is superb in customer service!"

J. Morton, Morristown TN

CJM Group, Inc.

"Thank you and all your staff for a warm and pleasant welcome to the Bridgeway family. Yesterday's teleconference was my first and I must say, my head was spinning with excitement and questions when it was done. I am trying to catch up to this fast moving process, and all I can say is that I am glad I have chosen your company to be my guide through this endeavor. I fully expect for my efforts to be realized as long term wealth for me, my family and a few lucky friends I plan to share with. I am looking forward to receiving my book, getting my bank account opened and then planning the next couple of steps in the process of securing the funds from my Dinar investment. Keep the light on and lead the way."

S. Duncan, Round Rock TX
Enchanted Mesa Corporation

"Never in all the years that I've been with Bridgeway has the company ever charged anything for basic/advanced information. John has, through the years provided FIVE STAR information seminars, workshops, etc. at NO COST to us."

C. Melhado, Austin TX
The Analogy, Inc.

"Today was a very empowering day for me. I recently received my Nevada Corporation legal documents and signed them. It was an overwhelming feeling of joy knowing that I am the owner of my new corporation and it feels great to live in the U.S.A. today. I appreciate your patience with all of my questions and I am looking forward to working with Bridgeway Financial Corporation to help me meet my financial goals."

B. Myers, Port Orchard WA
Paradise Enterprises, Inc.

"I am personally with Bridgeway, don't regret it one bit. They set up our corporation within 24 hours, handled our assignments, it's been also and educational thing. They are going to teach you how to protect yourself, it's a dream team of CPAs, Attorneys, etc... they do all the legal work for you and have a great CEO benefits package as well as offshore information."


"Thank you for taking time out during your vacation to reply to my email. As always, the information you provided is most helpful. Thank you as well for addressing my questions on last Tuesday's public call. The masterful way you wove my questions into your informative discussion was quite impressive! I am scheduled to speak with Joe Craft this morning for further clarification regarding the Roth IRA questions. I will also reach out to Brian Davis as you suggest. Thanks again!”

B. Minter, Las Vegas NV
New World Wellness Concepts, Inc.

"I just wanted to make a comment, to tell you how much I enjoyed and I really appreciated your recommendation to see the Injustice film last night. It was outstanding! It is an absolute eye opener; I have had a chance to share it with my sons. It was something that was very, very informative."

Tom, New Mexico
Bridgeway Conference Call

"Thank you and all your staff for a warm and pleasant welcome to the Bridgeway family. Yesterday's teleconference was my first and I must say, my head was spinning with excitement and questions when it was done. I am trying to catch up to this fast moving process, and all I can say is that I am glad I have chosen your company to be my guide through this endeavor. I fully expect for my efforts to be realized as long term wealth for me, my family and a few lucky friends I plan to share with."

"I am looking forward to receiving my book, getting my bank account opened and then planning the next couple of steps in the process of securing the funds from my Dinar investment. Keep the light on and lead the way."

S. Duncan, Round Rock TX
Enchanted Mesa Corporation

"Thank you for your help concerning M. Montrose. He is helping me with a plan to help get my corporation off the ground. He has introduced me to a team of people that are working on my situation. Thank You."

L. Dotson, San Diego CA
Life Hope Family Corporation

"WOW -- I just opened up my IBC corporate book -- what a work of art in a beautiful navy blue binder. I am very pleased. Everything Bridgeway does is a class act and I tell everyone I know. Now we are ready for the RV of the Iraqi dinar!"

"On Friday I spent over 40 minutes on the phone with a client in Washington and hopefully he called and is getting a Nevada Corporation before it RVs."

"I did stress the importance of the timing and being prepared... and Bridgeway is the ONLY way to go, I have checked out several other companies that do 'asset protection' and Bridgeway is the complete answer. I will be on the [conference] call tonight, can't wait to hear how it went for the client in the Cayman's!"

R. LeBoutillier and R. Baughman, Mount Vernon MO
Blue Iris Harvest Corporation

"I wanted to let you know that I did receive my IBC record book today, I am still going through it, but I like everything that Bridgeway does, it is first class and it looks great. The last step is to hook up with Josh and get my account established. I am sure that we can get this done next week."

S. Duncan, Round Rock TX
Enchanted Mesa Corporation

"Just a note, for me to say thank you so much for intervening in the sale of my timeshare in Mexico. Without the Bridgeway team, I would have been scammed out of more money than what my Nevada Corporation costs, in one bad transaction. I will continue to learn valuable lessons, just by one association. Thanks again."

D. Addington, Glendale AZ
Trinity Ventures, Inc.

"Thank you for taking the time to reply to my inquiry. There are many people like myself who are novices to offshore financial dealings and we need to feel that we can trust someone to guide us through the various regulations and requirements. I feel that I have found that trusted firm in Bridgeway and in particular you, yourself."

S. Heller, West Palm Beach FL
Loxahatchee Group Corporation

"Good afternoon Mr. Ewing. I've been a Bridgeway client long enough to pay two renewals and would like to thank you for the conference calls and complete professionalism from your entire staff.

Yesterday, you mentioned the value of your employees again and stated you would love to show them how to make money so they might never have to keep working. Given these economic times, I find it extremely commendable the way you talk about your Bridgeway family and your intentions to show them a path of financial security. Impressive indeed! I'm very excited about these and other opportunities you're offering us

And yes, I need plenty of guidance with these programs and look forward to more training from Bridgeway. In the interim, please accept my most sincere thanks and appreciation. Looking forward to greater and better opportunities with Bridgeway. Blessings to you and your family. Best regards always.”

E. Edwards, Middbleburg VA
Aspire2Achieve, Inc.

"Thanks for all your help. I am ever so glad I found Bridgeway when I did!"

B. Roberts, Grandview TX
Whitestone Components Inc.

"Dear Mr. Ewing, I first contacted you in September of 2010 concerning some tax issues. I don’t know if you remember me but you recommended I purchase a Nevada corporation and I did just that. I believe it was one of the best financial decisions I have ever made. I listen to all the conference call archives I can in the back office. I have learned so many things from you and Joe Craft. I could never understand how rich people seemingly have an unending supply of money. Now I understand that they use corporations, advanced tax reduction strategies and high yield offshore investments.

I know what financial hardship is as I had plenty of it in the past. It seems like the “American dream” is slipping away for the middle class in this country but thanks to you and your fine team at Bridgeway you have opened a door of opportunity for an average person like me to prosper.  Thank you for everything you do. I would not know where else to go to get this caliber of asset protection knowledge.

When I changed from being a sole proprietor  to an owner of a Nevada corporation  my customers sat up and took notice, so to speak, and it added credibility to my business and also was a huge self esteem boost for me. Since I started my corporation my business has grown and could soon triple in sales in the near future. I am a licensed massage therapist and about one half of my total sales is from product sales which has a lot of growth potential and Joe told me I can take 85% to 95% of my net product sales as tax free dividends, something I could not do as a sole proprietor. Thank you again."

G. Martin, Ronks PA
Eagle Heights Enterprises Inc.

"My name is M. Swanson and I am a fairly new client with Bridgeway with a Nevada Corporation. I am also a Dinarian. I wanted to let you know that I have been watching your videos on the Bridgeway website and they are VERY good and informative! Sincerely,"

M. Swanson, Murrieta CA
Unlimited Blessings Corporation

"I made the mistake of mentioning Dinar at Wells Fargo Bank after having an account for months and then asking to have a second corporate account. Within one week all my accounts were closed and now I can NEVER get another Wells Fargo Bank account again.

We did a foreign file and within two days, I now have a corporate account. Not only in Nevada but also in my home state of Montana. It was easy and I recommend this step for anyone else that is/or who has been put through this experience. I want to let you know how thankful I am for you telling me how to get my corporate bank account again. Thanks Again.

J. Ferguson, Helena MT
Eagles Wing Group Corporation

"Thank you so much to the both of you. I so appreciate your attitude of caring and helpfulness. John, it was so special of you to take the time to write me. I am greatly blessed and highly favored -- not perfect… what more could one ask?"
M. Anderson, Houston TX
MJG Group, Inc.

"We are very pleased to be a part of the Bridgeway family. They really care about their clients and their well being. We recently contacted John Ewing and Joe Craft regarding our foreclosure situation and they really came through for us.

Joe Craft and his awesome team contacted our mortgage company and helped us to get the sale date postponed to give us time to do a modification on our home. They were their everytime we needed to get in contact with them which was a big help considering the crunch time we were in (meaning days and hours not weeks and months). Seeing that they came through for us during a crucial time like that just made us more excited about the future we will have with Bridgeway Financial.

Thank you John Ewing and Joe Craft for all of your excellent expertise and advise in helping us to turn a devastating situation into a victorious situation for our family. Once again, thanks for everything that you all do to help make people's lives better. Sincerely,"
P. Cuba and S. Cuba, Houston TX
CNC Investment Corporation

"Thanks, John. You make everything so SIMPLE. I appreciate you."

S. Fox, Avon OH
Brainview Training Institute, Inc.

"John... what a fabulous 40 minute talk [conference call]. I never heard it and it makes sense even more up until the day of reckoning. Hope you are resting and get back just in time for the RV."

D. Toth, Farmington Hills MI
Dokido, Inc.

"Mr. Ewing, I would like to thank you for a website which stands head and shoulders above what any other in the AP business has. Among other qualities about Bridgeway for which I am grateful is its continuing pursuit of excellence and concern for the education of its clientele."

A. Hall, Bedford TX
Regal View Corporation

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