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Cut your audit risk!
Vancouver Needle in background

Cut your audit risk!
Docking port for Carnival Cruise ships next to World Trade Centre Building

Cut your audit risk!
Harbor view of Vancouver Canada from office window

Cut your audit risk!
Back drop view of harbor from the 4th Floor window

View of harbor from 4th Floor offices

Beautiful glass offices

Another view of the offices

Another office with view

Cut your audit risk!
Front entrance coming to the offices.
Visitation is strictly by invitation or appointment only.

Cut your audit risk!
Gorgeous lobby inside at the front of the building.

Cut your audit risk!
Lobby inside the adjacent hotel.

Cut your audit risk!
Skylight view from lobby.

Cut your audit risk!
World Trade Centre is known as a
commercial business center and gateway to Asia.

Cut your audit risk!
Gift store inside World Trade Centre Tower.

Elevator Area

Office and Elevator area

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