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Earned over $70,000 in total taxes

Recently I called Mr. Ewing and his team concerning tax and asset protection for a family member. Upon Mr. Ewing’s persistent line of questioning he found out I had not assigned my giant commission checks to my company. He immediately contacted Joe Craft on a 3-way conference call to further discuss my scenario and set up a plan of action immediately. I estimate that my income tax savings for this year alone totaled $70,000. What a great financial team. You’re the best.

Grants Writer,
Bellevue Washington

Earned almost $285,000 in total taxes

IRS Settlements with BridgewayCorpWe have been operating our construction business as a sole proprietorship for the past several years. We had been accidentally co-mingling a national racing hobby activity with our main business activities and writing off the hobby as advertising. When my wife and I met with Mr. Ewing and Mr. Craft I had no idea of how professional their services would be. We set up our Nevada Corporation and Nevada LLC’s to hold our equipment and building for lease back purposes. While still using my former CPA accountant he informed me on Dec 12 that I had to prepare a check for $60,000 Monday morning for federal taxes. I called Mr. Ewing immediately over the Christmas holidays and he was happy to be of service. He immediately set up a Nevada Foundation and we wiped away the tax bill to zero. I laughed at my former accountant. However, I stopped laughing because I received a notice from the Internal Revenue Service that my sole proprietorship was now going to be audited. Interestingly, they were not interested in my Nevada companies. I called the team of Joe Craft and John Ewing and they immediately went into action. They stopped all I.R.S. notices, any visits from federal and state agents and they did the talking while I went back to work. I was informed by the I.R.S. Auditors that my last accountant did not document correctly and that my end tax result would be over $250,000 in back taxes. But because Mr. Craft is an expert in the area of hobby loss rules he again saved the day. After much negotiations they wiped out all but 10% of the I.R.S. claim. This was easy for me to handle and they allowed me to make payments. Thank you, Joe Craft and John Ewing for saving my business and my financial life. You guys are rock stars.

Construction Contractor,
Rochester, New York

Earned over $148,000 in total taxes

On one of my regular calls to the firm, I called Mr. Ewing to speak to him about our year end taxes that had been prepared by our previous accountant. Mr. Ewing advised me to prepare a “risk analysis” on our family holdings and business. Upon discovering that our commercial building was inside our “C” corporation Mr. Ewing conferred with Mr. Craft. Together they found a tax election allowing our building to come out of the corporation tax free after 120 months. We saved over $79,000 in business taxes and $69,000 in personal taxes and we are now allowed to claim the long term capital gains rate. Thank you very much.

Electrical Contractor,
Boone, North Carolina

Earned almost $200,000 in total taxes

We became acquainted with Mr. Ewing and Joe Craft from a recommendation from a business friend. He suggested that I have my past 3 years of tax returns reviewed free of charge by the firm. Upon their review, I was shocked to learn that my balance sheets of my company were out of alignment and I was never advised by my last CPA that I could be facing a $140,000 tax bill plus interest and penalties. Mr. Ewing calculated my tax bill and if I was ever audited by the Internal Revenue Service my taxes could reach as high as $200,000 for my small business. I was really scared. But thanks to the combined team of accountants under the direction of Joe Craft and John Ewing we successfully were able to nullify such a serious debt. Presently my taxes are low and balance sheets are now correct.

Studio Dance Instructor,
Dallas, Texas

Earned over $200,000 in total taxes

My wife and I had many unresolved tax issues with the IRS that stemmed from a business that we had owned years ago. We spent thousands of dollars retaining the services of a local certified public accounting firm, which ultimately did nothing to resolve our issues.

Joe Craft, CPA, CFP was recommended to us through Bridgeway Financial Corporation out of their Seattle Offices. We forwarded all of the documentation that we had to Joe Craft, which included roughly six years of files, forms and any other paperwork that we felt he would need. Joe took on the task of wading through it all, and within five weeks had compiled everything necessary to get our issues resolved. His fee for the many hours of work and long nights was surprisingly very low for so much time spent by a qualified certified public accountant. Because of Joe’s vast knowledge of accounting practices and his diligence with this matter, he was able to save us over $200,000.00.

Although our tax issues are now resolved, we will continue to defer to Joe for all of our tax planning and accounting needs. We would strongly recommend Joe Craft (and the entire team) to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable and savvy certified public accountant. You won’t be disappointed.

Founder/Managing Member
Panther System Technologies, LLC

Earned over $100,000 in total taxes

I have never in my lifetime of doing business and investments felt more comfortable and at ease as I do with the team of Joe Craft and John Ewing. I feel like I am working with a team who has my family’s best interests at heart. I have dealt with many CPAs, Attorneys, and “advisors” over the years. None of them come close to your abilities. Your efforts and results are far beyond any expectations I could have imagined. We will sleep well tonight.

New Home Developer,
Hendersonville, North Carolina

Earned over $1 million in total taxes

Our company is a big income earner in New York. I met Mr. John Ewing through one of his consultants in our area and as a result became a client and then flew out to meet with him at his Columbia Center Tower address in Seattle. I was very impressed with Mr. Ewing’s sharpness of wit, different way of looking at things and his aggressive style in estate and income tax planning. Mr. Ewing conferred with his partners and after much planning and thought he was able to recommend several tax reduction strategies and corporate benefit plans all of which my C.P.A.s and tax attorneys on lower Manhattan Island in the One World Center district of New York city could not do. I nearly fell over when the results came in and Mr. Ewing’s firm concluded a tax savings result of over $1,200,000 in one year alone. Again, I cannot say enough about his professionalism, that of Joe Craft and his entire team in the Seattle downtown office.

Software Sales and Design,
Rochester, New York

Owes the I.R.S. $232 in total taxes

I asked Mr. Joe Craft CPA to handle my accounting and taxes for 2008. I was concerned that my previous accountant was not doing a good enough job…boy was I right. In 2007 my income was slightly over $261,000 with my combined federal and state income taxes totaling $30,131. In 2008 my gross income grew to $311,285 and I was expecting the worst. But after Joe did my taxes and to my complete and total shock my IRS bill came to only $232 for both the state and federal tax returns. Thanks Joe and John, I’ll never go anywhere else.

Nutrition Net Work Marketer,
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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